How do I make an account

At the top right of the page you will find a button called Register. Pressing this button will take you to a page where you can start creating your account. You must fill in all the information. Once this is done you will have an account

How do I get a free trial license?

First you need to register by making an account (see above in the FAQ). Use the register-menu for this. After registering you can login on the home page (on the top right hand side you see the button "Login") with your email and password. Once you are logged in you see you dashboard. On the left hand side of the dashboard you find several options. To use your free trial license you first have to activate it by selecting the option "activate your trial license". At that moment your trial license is activated and you can use the TR2 software. In your dashboard you can choose the option "Go to the TR2 software".

This trial license is valid for 30 days and supports all functionalities except exports.

See also our terms and conditions.

What are the system requirements?

To be able to use the TR2 webapplication you need a modern (up to date) webbrowser like Safari, Chrome, Edge or Firefox (N.B. Internet Explorer will not work). Besides this internet browser you need unrestricted acces to the internet.

What is the TR2 application?

The TR2 application is a webtool in which incidents can be analysed with Tripod beta. Tripod trees can be drawn easily, starting with the incident (hazard - event- target) and following with the barriers wich should have prevented the incident or prevented/reduced the consequences of the incident. Then following from the barriers the active failures, the preconditions and the latent failures can be added. More info about Tripod beta is found here.

Also Bowties can be made with the TR2 application. A Bowtie is a model to inventorise potential incidents (risks) and determine lines of defence (barriers).More info about Bowties is found here.

Does the TR2 webapplication support multi user?

Yes, it is possible to access the TR2 webapplication by multiple persons and see the same Tripod trees and bowties. When one person changes a Tripod tree or bowtie this change be seen by others after saving the change and refreshing by the others. Note that your license must be suited for multiple users.

It is also possible for organisations with for instance several locations to have a license supporting multiple rooms. Each room can be setup for multiple users (see above), but the rooms themselves are separated from eachother. This is a coorporate license.

If you want to know more please ask your question here.